How do you change the page type?

How do I change a page type after I created it.

I created a page with stack and now I am switching over to CMS so I wanted to change old page from stack to offsite to redirect all the old page over to the cms page?

I know I can just delete everything in a stack page and drop a html stack with redirect in it to the new cms page but was wondering if I can change page type before doing this method.


It was possible in RW7, but I’m 99% sure that feature was removed in RW8.

Not possible as far as I can see.

However why redirect, are you using a non-RW CMS? If it’s a RW/stacks based one you don’t need to change the page type. Are you the same Bill Fleming who has been getting to grips with Total CMS on Weaver’s Space?

Yes, I am the same Bill and I am not sure what you meant by “getting to grips”. So far, I really like TCMS and I am quite happy going with it. The folks over at Weaver’s Space are the best and helpful! Thank you! I post RW application related questions here and stack related questions over at Weaver Space since most of my stack are purchased from Joe Workman.

I am perfectly aware of it being stack based, however all the articles and biography are being converted into TCMS with friendly url and the url it was using wasn’t too friendly since it was created by me. I know I could create any permalink I wanted even to match the same URL but I happen to like the new URL better than the old one so I am keeping TCMS friendly URL and needing to redirect all the old RW stack over to the TCMS’s new friendly URLs.

Since I have like over 100 of articles and biographies to switch over, that will allow me to remove all those pages from my RW project because I knew it will not delete the page from the server itself and I can just point the links to the new TCMS page once I remove all those pages making my RW project file like 80% smaller and a hell lot quicker to republish whenever needed!

Does this clear it up for you?

Anyhow, the workaround I did was to purchase a redirect stack and emptied out all the old article pages and biography pages then put a redirect stack in it and the TMCS link in its setting. Seem to work out great for me and after publishing, I am able to delete all those old articles and biography from the RW project file.

Getting to grips with something is just a phrase to say that you are trying out something new and learning how it works, not meant in any derogatory way.

Looks like you have found a solution that works for you, don’t know which redirect stack you used but it might be worth looking at 301 directs in your htaccess file if you have moved the content to new pretty urls. A 301 redirect is a signal to search engines that a page has moved permanently to a new address, so will help with making these “new” pages visible to searches

Yes, I would have much rather use htaccess file however my host uses CPanel. The Cpanel seems to have a bug which somehow would wipe all of my redirect entries that I edited in htaccess so I got tired of restoring it from backup since CPanel are still not able to troubleshoot or reproduce my redirect disappearing acts.

cPanel only makes modifying the htaccess file easier. When you add a redirect in cPanel what you’re actually doing is editing htaccess.
cPanel is exactly what its name implies, it’s a control panel, it doesn’t ‘do’ anything itself, it only makes editing the underlying server settings easier.
The reason it “somehow would wipe all of my redirect entries” is because it didn’t recognise the ones you manually made and so overwrote them.
So …
Don’t use cPanel to edit/create things like redirects/404 pages etc, edit the htaccess either through the new feature in RW8 or better still through an ftp app like Transmit with a code editor such as SublimeText.

I been using CPanel / WHM / Plesk since 1997 to maintain over 35 domains. I do edit all my htaccess directly but you have to use CPanel to redirect a parked domain since it don’t have a root doc and that where I get bit by the bug.


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