Change to Rapidweaver 8

I got a new computer and when I went to download Rapidweaver had to upgrade to Rapidweaver 8. I downloaded my project file from where I saved it in a cloud and received a message that I needed to upgrade the file for it to work with Rapidweaver 8. I pressed upgrade a new file with the same name but .rw8 appeared.

However, when I click to open the new file I get a message that the document cannot be opened because it does not exist. Any ideas other than starting over from scratch?

Can you try opening your old RW project again and see if it successfully updates it to a new RW8 file? May have just been a fluke.

I deleted the new .rw8 file and tried upgrading again but the new .rw8 file has the same issue unfortunately.

What version of RW was your old RW file created with?

Maybe it would be worth trying to move (or copy) the old RW file from the cloud to your local harddrive and then try the conversion again (by opening it in RW8)…


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