Changed site to https but how do I automatically redirect every page from http to https? - solved

I recently changed one of my sites to https and its working fine but I really need a way to automatically redirect every page to https. It’s quite a large site with 200 pages and I’ve had it for years so all links to it go to http. Can anyone help?

you have to edit your .htaccess file on the server. Check your Cpanel, most have a way to do it built in.

If not, you will need to do it manually using ftp


There are many posts on the forum about redirects. It does vary by the host company. Most hosts use Apache and support htaccess as a way.
Here are just a few of the posts:


thanks for the reply, I’ve logged into my host ( but I can’t see any way on the Cpanel to edit the htaccess file. I guess I need to do it manually using ftp so I’ll have to learn how to do that.

You need to learn to use FTP anyway. FTP helps you maintain your site above and beyond RW. Rapidweaver does not delete any files. If you delete a page in RW it will be removed from RW navigation and such but the file itself will still be on your server being indexed by search engines. That is just one of many reasons you should learn to use FTP for your site.

Thanks for your reply Greg but I’m well aware of FTP clients I’ve been using Fetch for more than 11 years. I agree with you absolutely that they are important to use especially as Rapidweaver does not delete any files so for years have made it a practice of deleting everything from the server before hitting ‘Re-publish all files’.

I probably should have been more specific in my original post but I’ve never edited an .htaccess file before (never had any need to) so that’s the part I’m stuck on.

Edit your htaccess and add this

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
RewriteRule ^/?(.*) https://%{SERVER_NAME}/$1 [R,L]

This will only work if your host have rewrite module installed on the httpd web server. Most host using cpanel as web management does have rewrite installed so it should work for you if your web server is maintained by using cpanel.


Just check your server for an htaccess file. It will have a period on the beginning so be sure your FTP app is showing files with a period (this is sometimes a pref). If you don’t have an htaccess file just create one naming it .htacess and enter your Rewrite rules. Let us know if you need more info. Note that if you create the file locally on Mac to upload you will have to add the period once it’s on your server as by default Mac’s don’t show files that begin with period.

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Thank-you Greg and Bill, followed your advise and it’s now working.

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