Changing Font/Font Color in Total CMS? [SOLVED]

(Peter) #1

Hi there.

I built a website for someone using Total CMS in the “Neat” theme

This person now wants to be able to change the font and font colors using Total CMS.

Currently only the following options are available: “Bold” “Italic” and “Underline”

Is this even possible?



(scott williams) #2

You can turn on more options for the hipwig editor in the admin core stack.

(Peter) #3

Thanks swilliam (I see you are coming to my rescue once again) :grinning:

You know, that’s what I thought - but can’t seem to find it…



(Peter) #4

Just found the options you suggested swilliam.



(Peter) #5

Is there an option to allow the changing of the actual font itself?


(scott williams) #6

That would be controlled by the theme you use

(Peter) #7

Information is much appreciated swilliam! :+1:



(Rob Beattie) #8

I’d urge caution here. Unless they know a bit about design and typography, the results can be unpleasant. I’ve had clients change the formatting so that text they think is important displays as fire engine red at 20pt italic and stomps all over the design, making it look hideous and amateurish.

(system) #9

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