Font Size in CMS [SOLVED]

I have the CMS Stack installed. When one wants to choose a font size in the Browser there is only

Where is 16, 20, 22?

Which CMS stack are you referring to? There are a few.

As always, a link to the website/page is necessary to help you.

It is Easy CMS. Page is not online now.

Where are you trying to choose the font size? In the stack?

No, as I said. In the browser as Admin of the page.

Admin core, advanced settings is where it’s at in TotalCMS, check if it’s there in easy.

Thanks Scott, there is somehow nothing to set the fonts.

Fonts are set by the theme in RapidWeaver and whatever text you add in the CMS will pick that font up.

It looks like easyCMS doesn’t have the functionality like totalCMS does. You will have to change it using CSS.

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Thank you Scott. It is absolutely nonsense, left off 16 points fonts and others in Easy CMS. What’s the sense behind that? Pushing people to buy Total CMS? Sure not!! If this is really the reason, shame on you Joe. (Although I can not belive it.)

That feature was just recently added to TotalCms.

What theme are you using? Foundation has default font sizings for paragraph and all headings
you could always go to code view in the hipwig editor and just change it in the code although that might not be ideal for a client

I’ve read elsewhere that 16px is the default size for most browsers, so I suppose that would be the reason for not having it included. I can’t imagine it is an under-handed attempt at getting someone to upgrade to Total CMS (and if it is, Joe needs more successful marketing strategies).

Sorry, it is not an attempt to push people to Total CMS. Joe has not put all of the updates from Total CMS into Easy CMS yet. The ability to adjust the size in the Pro Settings was added to Total CMS in version 1.4.0 and Easy CMS is still at 1.3.1. Joe will add these to Easy CMS in the future, I have pointed Joe towards this thread as I am not sure if there is a way to add it. Of course not EVERYTHING that is in Total CMS will be in Easy CMS (speaking stacks of course), but settings for the same stack will be.

Also, you can alway use our docs portal and see what has been updated or changed. Here are the Release Notes for Total and Easy CMS:
Total CMS - Home - Weaver's Space Community
Easy CMS - Home - Weaver's Space Community

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As Scott said, this feature was added pretty recently into Total CMS. I will make it down into Easy CMS soon. Probably not until the v2.0 release that I am working on now.

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Thank you very much, Robert.

This is actually exactly what I thought! It is clear that not everything is in Easy and this is good so. (But the Font-Thing is somehow confusing, as long as you dont know the reason.)

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