TotalCms - Style a text field

Hi, Can someone point to the docs/video, on how to style a Content Text field? I want a single line text string to be h2.


Use a header stack and the TotalCms macro instead of the TotalCms text stack
Or, use the hipwig version of the editor and add the styling there

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Perfect. Thanks - oops pushed button too quick. I have added a Foundation Header stack, into the Content page. It looks like this:

The correct name appears but not the styling. The styling looks like this:

Change the h1 drop down to h2 if you want h2,

Just an FYI case counts in your CMS id’s best to keep them simple and all,lowercase if you can.

Thanks for the top on CMS ids… I can’t get either h1 or h2 tags to “stick”… They do look like their admin counterparts (bold, etc), but I can’t get the font size correct.

Thanks for all the help Scott.

If you are using foundation, font sizes are set in the site styles

I must be looking in the wrong place - I have the ability in Site Styles to change font-weight, and to changes height for mobile and tablet. Where do I find Desktop…

Keep looking… it’s there

Edit, tablet and desktop may be same, not at my computer and can’t remember off hand.

Two other solutions for more granular control… headerpro from big white duck (also paragraph pro) and joes free cssbox stack which you can put any other stack inside and assign a custom Id or class. That will allow you to target just that item using CSS

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