Using Hipwig and creating text styles in TCMS

Can anyone point me to a good tutorial on the Hipwig editor? I want to change fonts and text size in Total CMS Text boxes. I bought the Front Pro stack thinking this would do it but it seems to me this only works in a site using Foundation stacks not a regular theme?

Font Pro shouldn’t be specific to Foundation. I don’t have it myself so I can’t give you any advice on it but, if you have it already, I’d give it another shot

Do the Font Pro formatting in the stack on the public page. You can apply this to the TCMS text stack, or use one of the TCMS macros in a paragraph of header stack.

You can also add items like Font Size to the HIPWIG editor bar, see the options in the TCMS Admin core.

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Sorry, I am still learning (fast I hope). Your 2nd screen shot has ‘TCMS admin core’ with ‘admin core’ inside it. What is ‘TCMS admin core’, in my stacks I have no such thing, only admin core?

There are two version of CMS, Easy CMS and Total CMS so I was just differentiating between the two. I have my (Total CMS) Admin Core in a partial and the partial is named TCMS Admin Core so I don’t mix them up.

I am so sorry to be so slow on this, your screen shot shows a ‘Pen (Styled)’ element, is this part of what you suggest and if so where do I find it? You also have as your 1st screen shot a Page-Heading, where does that come from? I really appreciate your help.

Pen is just a free Notes stack. It allows you to add notes to yourself in Edit Mode. It has zero functionality on the published page though.

Thanks Joe

I do use Notes but I need to be more diligent in my use of it, sorry to be a difficult newbie!


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