Changing my navmenu from lowercase titles to uppercase, does this mess up my urls? Using Blueball Freestack

Hi all, basic question I know, but from the beginning my website navmenu has had all the pages listed in lowercase, but we’d now like to change the style of the page and so have the titles in uppercase. In order to do this I see no way other than to change the pages themselves in the list which has all the pages stacked above each other on the left hand side of the Rapidweaver pane.

If I do this does that mean it will upload brand new folders to my ftp space, and will that complicate things? Or is there another way to keep the list of pages the same, but just change the navmenu itself to be uppercase?
I’m using the Blueball Freestack theme.
Many thanks.

Hey @Gabrielle,

It sounds like you mean the page name rather than the actual URL, ie you won’t be changing the “Folder” or “Filename” values in the page inspector, correct? Just changing the name in the left hand sidebar won’t modify the URL so you should be fine.

Hope that helps,

P.S. Making a quick backup of the project before you experiment with changes is never a bad idea.

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