To change general settings, folder etc. fails in RW8.4.1

Hi, I am new here.
I work with RW 8.4.1 for Mac since a short time.
I want to change folder or browser title in general settings/Meta Data.
RW will name the folder e.g. like page-47. I would like to change e.g. into links.
In the browser preview (firefox) the change will be shown correctly: URL/links. After upload no change: page-47 instead of links.


When you say uploading are you talking about publishing?

Did you publish the old way (page-47) before?

RapidWeaver will not delete the old folder page-47.

Have you cleared the browsers cache?

First I published the page-47.
Than I tried to chang.
I have cleared the browser cache several times with no result.
This has happened with other uploads too.

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