Changing the link in the Foundations Topbar submenu

Hi all,

I’m doing a site for a client and have the problem how to change this automatic generated link in Foundation Topbar

go to FUNKTION. The Submenu reveals.
Now I want AUSSTATTUNG to do the same like a Button further down the page
which does the following:

The links to Subpages are automatically generated and I have no clue where to change or overwrite this link ;-(

I’m not entirely sure I am following what you want, but it could be what you are after in the magellan option in topbar settings?

Sorry if I explained it a bit weird…

What I want is that AUSSTATTUNG in the submenu is going to the Anchor #Ausstattung.
Therefore I’m looking for a possibilitiy to edit the generated link which is done by RW/Foundation/Topbar

better? :wink:

I’ll check the magellan option - never used it…
No, it’s not what I need - as far as I understand it.

I haven’t tested this, but I think this may be the easiest way.

For the page title use:

<header class="nav_ausstattung">Ausstattung</header>

Then place the following into the JS panel.

$( “.nav_ausstattung” ).click(function() {
window.location.href = “#Ausstattung”;

Does not work.
What I want is to make this submenue link AUSSTATTUNG going to an Anchor named #Ausstattung on the page FUNKTION. The folder of this page is named funktion.

The Anchor is realised with the Anchor-Stack by JW

At the very End of the page there is a button in a buttongroup which which is doing exactly what I want.
Now I’m looking for a possibility to overwrite the submenulink in order to tell him to do the same…

sorry for my bad English :frowning:


$( ".nav_ausstattung" ).click(function() {
window.location.href = "";

Be sure you put it in the global js window in the project settings.

That’s what I did

Here I click

There it goes

Here it should go

Sorry, for bothering you…

I think what you are trying to do can be done but not by using TopBar with sub pages. If you add Ausstattung in RW as a normal page then TopBar is going to want to take you to that page not an anchor on the parent page.

You “Might” get away with it if Ausstattung is a page type of Offsite page (I’m not sure if that will work, but worth a go)

TopBar has other options under the Menu Settings in the UI. Right now you are using “Full Rapid Weaver Menu” I believe you are going to have to do it with either Magellan or Html for the menu Type setting in the TopBar UI.

Foundation also has a Magellan Navigation stack (may be in one of the add-on packs) I’ve not used it but I know it exists That may be an option as well.

I tried the Magellan setting. It doesn’t work either.
HTML. I’ll give it a try.
Offsite as well

The Magellan-Stack is for one Pager I believe. I have it. For scrolling down to Anchors. AFAIK
Meanwhile I think it can be done with ButtonPlus by BWD, here you can build a complete Menu Bar where you can do all the Links by yourself. But I have to try how the Logo and the responsive setting is working…

I’ll gonna try different ways. So far thanks a lot to all of you…

Feel free to drop me your project file and I’ll test out a few things directly in the project.
At the bare minimum you can add a redirect on the page that it is linking to, but it would be better UXD for it to go directly to the desired location.

I just noticed that you may have misunderstood the naming of the page that I had mentioned.
It should look like this:
02 PM
<header class="nav_ausstatung">Ausstatung</header>

Got it!

The Page title in RW should be:
<a href="javascript:void(0)" class="nav_ausstattung"> Ausstatung</a>

Then the JS I gave you will work.

…tattung"> Ausstatung

but Ausstatung is a wrong spelling - It must be Ausstattung

Did I make a typo? Somewhere…

lol, probably not. I did.

I just emailed you my working copy of the file with the typo fixed.

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You made my day (in fact it’s 8pm)

Thank you very much!!!

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I’m glad I could help. :blush: