Foundation Top Bar Tweaking

Hi Guys n Gals

Is there a way to customise the Foundation Top Bar such that I can exclude ‘some’ top level page links ?

I have set up my file structure with a number of product categories under which various pages exist specific to that category.

What I dont want is a “Link” to appear to the category - I want the category simply to be a title with the sub menu following on with the appropriate links.

I would be very happy if this could be achieved.


Download the Foundation Demo Project and look at that, it will show you how Joe does it.

If you make the top level page a offsite page and set the url to # that would do what you want.

Might want to check out this video:

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Hi Doug

Thanks greatly for your input.

I do recall watching Joes Video at the beginning of my RW / Foundation journey but I guess at that time it went a little over my head.

Having revisited as you suggested it now makes sense.

Thanks for the heads-up.


Hi Robert

As with Dougs advises a revisit to the RW Document of Joes certainly helped and assisted.

Apart from changing the accent colour which impacts Labels is there any other way to style (font) the Label attribute ?