Foundation's Top Bar Problem


I’m having a slight problem with Foundation’s Top Bar. I’ve added a Top Bar to my site with various headings, which works fine. However I find that if I click on either the word Services or Newsletters, then I get taken to a blank page. This isn’t what I want. Ideally I’d like to “set” Services and Newsletters so that when you click on either of the words the sub-menu is displayed and you aren’t taken to a blank page.

I hope this makes sense?

Thanks in anticipation.


You just need to use an Offsite page for the Services and Newsletters pages. It will then not link to anywhere.

All is explained in the docs here


@tav as always is right :wink:

I would suggest getting Joe’s Demo Project file and seeing how it is done.

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Fantastic. Thanks so much guys. It works a treat. :smile:

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