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Hi RW fellows,

Working on a web site, I duplicated some of the pages in order to reuse some attributes inside them. As a result, I guess, now this web site includes both “added by me specific names” and “numerical names” of pages and subpages.
It’s a little mess mixing real names with computer-generated numbers in the browser’s address bar like this:
All these main pages and subpages have their adequate names when working inside RW application, but when exported they change their names to numbers.

My question is:
Is there any simple way to rename these “numerical names”, to give them appropriate real names?
Here is the test mode of the site I’m working on

I’m non-developer and would appreciate any solution outside complex codding :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Changing the “Folder” name should work.


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Thank you, Neil,

As I’m still in RW6, could you recall where could I find this pane there?
And at which settings - for the whole site or specific for each page/subpage?
Do you mean this pane (screenshot in my case - RW 6)?

Thanks again,

@vess, yes, that’s correct.

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Thank you, Neil,

Have a nice weekend!

You’re welcome. Have a nice weekend also.

Any subpage that you name will also take the name of the top level page. So you would name the top level page something like “services”, the subpage might be “logo-design”. Your URL would then be

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Very useful, thank you again :slight_smile:

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