Checked option to open in new window did not copy from 7 to 8

Today I noticed that the checked options on my links that were to open in a new window did not transfer when i migrated the site to 8. I’m devastated with the amount of work that will be required to update my site, as almost every page in the site is filled with links. Only the links that connect to other pages in the site should not have that option checked. To be sure, I opened the old version in 7, and indeed the checks were where they were supposed to be. Major disappointment and hassle. Is this a known issue?

It will also be a major pain to go back to using the old version on 7, since so many changes and updates have been made on the new site.

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I also use Stacks on my site, which I can’t imagine building a site without. I spent most of yesterday fixing the links on my site. There are still others to fix. I have not yet tried to reexport from my 7 site to test again.

When RW8.0 first cameout I was looking at the release notes

It’s a rather long bullet list that has this item:

  • rel attribute on links is no longer used for specifying when a link opens in a new window
    Now that’s not real clear to me as to what they did or are trying to do, but sounds like it’s related maybe.

Thank you for that. Will try to learn more.

I only know what the release notes say. It may not be the cause of the issue. You would have to get more information from Realmac. RapidWeaver is not know for complete documentation.

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