Links open in new browser window (cont.)

i just read this topic: Links open in new browser window
and i have the same problem since updgrading to rw8.
i use the theme “media” (one very old and one very new) from themeflood.
all my links (normal text-links) are set to open in the same window. for years. when i look they are still set to open in the same window. but they don’t. they open in a new window.
my solution up to now is to click on the link and set it to “open in new window” and after that deselect that checkbox again. then save the page an replublish.
not ideal as you might guess.
is there any solution for this or known cause?
thanks a lot! ruby

In my case, I had to remove each and every link - then re-add each and every link while choosing to open in new window or “NOT”… In my case I DID NOT want all links to open in NEW windows… Once I did that, all existing links in my project behaved as they should (or as expected)… When I got done, I RE-PUBLISHED ALL FILES. Ever since all is well and All new links also act as they should once set. It was the only way to fix it in the Multi-Themes themes even after working with the developer

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@ruby Regretfully the issue is beyond my ability to fix. A few people have written to ask me about this. It definitely seems like a RapidWeaver bug, caused when a project file is migrated from RapidWeaver 7 to RapidWeaver 8.

I did write some jQuery Javascript code a few weeks ago to alleviate the problem. It can be placed in Settings > Code > Javascript to apply automatically to all pages in a website. It basically forces any link external to your website to open in a new tab. If you want to try this, please get in touch with me through the website (and say what theme version you are using). It could save you hours of time! I know it has helped a few people already.

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@Macsterguy omg! that is terrible! i really hope i do not need to do that. will try wills solution :wink:

dear will, thanks for your quick and helpful reply! i was pretty sure that it was a bug in rapidweaver. i wonder why they haven’t addressed it by now. i will contact you directly for the script. i would be very helpful. thanks again!

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