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(Chris Jones) #1

In RW-8 - I just noticed that numerous links (for brochures etc) on my website are opening in a “New Browser Window” Even though I have them set not to do so…

If links leave my website I typically set those to open in a new window. Brochures and the like I set NOT TO open in a new window…

*Checking OR Not Checking the “Open in New Window” box has no effect…?

Any ideas?

(Rob Beattie) #2

Looks like there’s ben some discussion of this before. Type your subject heading into the search box here and take a look.


(Chris Jones) #3

Thanks Rob, I was able to read thru some (most) of these with no resolve that I can see… It was never a problem for me until I upgraded to RapidWeaver 8. Still looking…

(Chris Jones) #4

Still trying to fix this… I have sent a support email to Multi-Themes, the theme developer.

I don’t want all links to open in a new window. Currently some do and some don’t…

I’m still not sure this isn’t a RapidWeaver issue…

I don’t think it’s something I have done. It’s just a check box.


(Sybille ) #5

@Macsterguy: I have the exact same problem ever since upgrading to RW 8. Were you able to fix it?

(Chris Jones) #6

Yes I was. Basically, I had to remove each and every link - then re-add each and every link while choosing to open in new window or “NOT”… In my case I DID NOT want all links to open in NEW windows… Once I did that, all existing links in my project behaved as they should (or as expected)… When I got done, I RE-PUBLISHED ALL FILES. Ever since all is well and All new links also act as they should once set. It was the only way to fix it in the Multi-Themes themes even after working with the developer

(Sybille ) #7

Cheers! Not the answer I was hoping for, though :sweat: I am using Foundation…

(system) #8

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