Video Banner using JW's Impact stack?

Hello guys! I’m trying to get Joe Workman’s Impact stack to be a video header in the Michael David Design’s Escape theme. (Link: ) but I’m having trouble. According to the FAQ of the theme, to get a banner image into the banner area, you need to put this in the sitewide CSS:

#feature {background-image: url(%resource(my-image.jpg)%);}

But I’m not sure what to do, or even if that works with this stack. I know the FAQ also mentions using ExtraContent #1 to put a slideshow in the banner, but that didn’t work for the Impact stack either.

Also, are there any other themes this might work better with? Thank you!

Hi @adster,
Not sure if I have the latest version of the theme, but I can not get any slideshow to work using the ExtraContent stack like it says in the instructions. I could have an older version of the theme though, not sure. I would contact Michael David Designs about this, not sure if he is on the forums

It’s funny you mentioned that, because I wasn’t able to get it working using the 1LD ExtraContent stack either, but I was able to get a slideshow working using the Stacks4Stacks ExtraContent Plus stack (which is free):

But using video, I still wasn’t able to get it to work.

Are there any good themes out there with a video banner that this stack works with?

Foundation (or any blank type theme) is perfect for this. I do have Impact working with Endeavor by MDD.

Edit - I added a video to the Endeavor page above, works great.

Actually the video is on this site
my mistake, did not realize I had two! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: