Chillidog does it again

Following last weekend’s Weaver Space conference and specifically Brett’s talk I decided to make the new site I’m working on secure (ssl/https)
I thought it was going to be a process of registering myself with a certificate site, filling in an over complex form, getting the cert, then doing some hocuspocus to somehow install it.
I contacted @barchard at Chillidog with the above long winded assumption and he promptly pointed me to the one button/2 click solution right within the Chillidog cPanel. Not wishing to sound like a teanage girl but I do ‘literally’ mean one button and 2 clicks and the site now has a ssl cert.

By the way we had this conversation whilst he was at 37,000ft/700mph … that’s what I call service :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: I didn’t lie in my talk regarding SSL. It’s so easy now, just do it! It’s better for seo too (slightly)

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Wish I was on Chillidog hosting so it would be that easy for me. I contacted my hosting server which is Little Oak and they said I needed to get an SSL from a provider (cheapest I found was $36.75/Yr) and then get a CSR from Little Oak and fill out forms. Is anyone else on this forum using Little Oak and if so, what did you do?


That sounds great. Most hosting companies make it really complicated.

Mary: My guess is those Little Oaks users moved over to Chillidog! Seriously. You do know it’s easy to move over to something more “sane”? It really is easy. Is there a specific reason you want to put up with this headache at Little Oak? (There may be a good reason, but from an initial snapshot it seems like an easy choice to move.)

I think that chili dog still needs a certificate. I remember reading it on the help area. Don’t remember how much it costs but there was an annual fee. I have sites at both neither is using SSL.

If you want free SSL checkout cloudflare.

@teefers Chilldog makes use of LetsEncrypt through a cPanel plugin, essentiall as I understand it the cPanel plugin does all the work of getting and applying the certficate.

Hi Mary

If you’re interested, send me an email and I’ll see how I can help you get set up on Chillidog :slight_smile:


@PaulRussam it handles the installation and renewal of the SSL certification too

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Greg Rocks! I enabled SSL on all of my sites and add-on sites. I had a question about how to re-direct to the https from http and he assisted me with it. Now all of my sites are secure. Great support and great hosting.


Greg, Thanks for your offer. Can I email you at the address shown below?


Does it make sense to use Chillidog for UK based sites? I assume from the website that the infrastructure will be in the US

I look after 4 websites here in the UK hosted by Chillidog. Location of the server is immaterial in this day and age. What’s important is the price, performance and support. You don’t have to look very far to find many positive comments regarding Chillidog hosting.

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I finally made the move from GoDaddy to Chillidog, in large part due to the free and easy SSL certificates and Greg’s reputation. I’ve left all of my domain registrations at GoDaddy, but point the nameservers to Chillidog -and now use them for my email needs too.

What do I miss? I actually like the email setup at GoDaddy a bit better. But, that’s it. Moving all of my sites was super easy, there was virtually no downtime for my sites or email, and Greg’s customer service is great. Over at GoDaddy, I was on a shared-hosting plan, but paid extra for the top tier (more RAM). At Chillidog, I’m also on a shared-hosting plan without any extra bells or whistles…but the performance of my sites has not suffered.

I’m very, very happy to have my sites hosted on Chillidog, and highly recommend them.

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I’m very tempted. I currently host 19 sites with UK2 and they’ve just decided to start charging for email accounts. As I have at least a couple of dozen of these, the cost begins to add up. In any case, I’m really irritated with them about this. On the other hand, I dread to imagine the chaos of moving so many domains.

I have moved most of my domains to Chillidog and Greg has been super with support. I left 2 domains on a server they’ve been on for 20 yrs because I’m going to give up on those websites and domains in the near future.

Yeah for Chillidog!



I moved everything over from Little Oak to Chillidog a few years ago. Best thing I ever did!

Greg Rocks.

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I suggest you do it anyway, @peterdanckwerts. Start slowly - you can open a $10.00/month plan with Chillidog, copy all of your warehoused items to the new server and then publish your site to the server. As I recall, you can see how the site will look without it being live (I could be wrong about that, though!).

Once your site files are on the Chillidog server, you just point your nameservers from your current host to Chillidog. BAM - a few minutes later your site will be found on Greg’s servers, not your current one. IF, for some reason, the move doesn’t go as hoped…just point your nameservers back to your first host. Fifteen minutes later, your site will be back up.

I was very hesitant at first too, but I figured for a $10.00 investment, what the heck? Since Chillidog does not require long term contracts, the most you’ll be out is the ten bucks.

Oh, and if you get stuck, reach out to @barchard. He’ll definitely be there to assist.

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@peterdanckwerts Yea, migrating services can be overwhelming. To make it easier on users, I personally migrate new user’s web and emails for free. For domain transfers, you simply pay a small fee per domain. This fee includes privacy protection and extends the expiration of your domain. Therefore, it is like an early renewal of your domain.

Just let me know if you’d like to get started. I’d be happy to have you onboard!



I moved my sites to Chilidog. No kidding.

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