Potential Reduced AutoSSL coverage

Any other Chillidog Hosting users getting loads of messages from CPanel about their SSL certificates, or just me?

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I get messages directly from Let’s Encrypt about auto renewal of my certificates (I got my certificates from Let’s Encrypt, not from my ISP). I’m guessing it’s not just you and not just Chillidog Hosting.

The certificates now renew every 3 months.

No, these are different. CDog is aware of it but they keep coming. Just wondered if anyone else was getting them as well.

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We got one today for one of my client sites hosted on CDog. I opened a ticket a short while ago, but haven’t heard back yet. What was CDog’s advice for this?

Currently it’s ‘ignore it. We’re looking into it.’ But that was yesterday and I’ve heard nothing since. At least it’s not just me!

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Thanks for the info Rob. Good to know it’s not something that I somehow messed up.

Chillidog was experiencing a cpanel messaging system error and it should be corrected now. Your SSL will continue to work as expected.


Same thing. 1-2 emails in very technical table format telling me that one of the sites I have will lose the SSL features on August 3rd. CDog told me to ignore them.

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