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I am new at creating websites, so I don’t know the ‘speak’ yet. However, I am creating a very specific website to promote Shakespeare workshops for schools.
There is a lot of info to put into the website, and I MUST use my own photos, as they express best what I do.
I have chosen the Mountains theme- while I looked at others, but I cannot see that there is a way to change the picture for each page I create. What can I do? 2 photos is not enough, really.



To change the main picture, open General Settings in edit mode and drag the picture you want to use into the box marked ‘Override Site Banner’. See Banner1.jpg.

To change the small picture, open the Page Sidebar in edit mode and drag the photo you want to use into the space there. Banner2.jpg

Then repeat with different photos for subsequent pages.

Thanks for responding, I managed that one!

Next challenge is that I probably have to get stacks. I need to put a calendar in for people to book workshops. Then that needs to be connected to a database. Not sure how to do that. Is there anyway I can send you my site before I publish it? I don’t really want to do that until the calendar is in place. Can I just buy any stacks for my purpose, then add a page and customise it? Or are there ones that specifically do this type of thing?


Stacks is fantastic and really extends RW’s capabilities. I’d spend a bit of time familiarising yourself with it (there’s a free demo you can download and try) first.

There are some calendar-style stacks but you may end up having to incorporate a third party booking system into the site - something specialised that handles not just the booking but all the back end stuff as well. First though, I’d try the Stacks 4.0 demo ( and then take a look around here - - and see what’s available.


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Thanks so much! I will do. It’s worth getting it right as much as possible.



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