Image banner scroll up to sticking menu

Struggling to build a RW theme that has the banner effect like :

I read elsewhere it should be possible with RW8 , Stacks4 , & Impact.
I’m flustered by the layers of elements all with settings that include background image. How does the “Site Styles” settings play a part in overall design. Hierarchy of precedence (background image), z-index … what a mess.
Site Styles Settings;
“reveal animation” & “site background” seem to be key functionality.

I’m seeking a clean template , external or a blob of CSS that could be dropped into the site to globally have a banner with a a few elements floating above, scrolling up and away to a fixed menu. That model just feels good.

Impact Pro is a bit confusing and I’ve wasted hours tinkering.

I’m having a hard time understanding what it is you are looking for?

You mention “Site Styles”, are you using Foundation? F6? Or what?

I don’t see anything special about the URL you gave. It looks to be a simple full-width banner/hero image, the navigation is just a simple top-bar style that changes to the standard Mobile hamburger on smaller screen sizes.

Am I missing something?

I’m using Foundation 6 , stacks 4 & love all the css exposure / utility.
embarrassingly I got Chroma thinking it was Impact and the settings for full hero with sticky menu were not there. Chroma examples implied triggering change but nowhere near what I was after.

From what the sample page looks like, you should be able to get it done with just foundation 6.

Did you download the free template for F6 from the foundation site (1st paragraph under key features):

I’m not at my Mac now, but there’s a hero template that does pretty much what I think you want.

Banner Pro is very useful

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