Cinema Slider - or other slider - with two-column stack?

I have the Cinema Slider stack from 1LD. I would like it to slide a two-column stack, but it appears to only want to slide an image file? Workflow so far - drop Cinema Slider. Drop two Cinema Slide stacks within that into slider area. Works fine. Drop a Two Column stack with a Cinema Slider inside it in there - doesn’t work. Any ideas or suggestions as to a workaround? Content for this is a YouTube video on left, text in a box on right. I want both the video AND the text to slide. Hope that’s clear.

EDIT: Answering my own question. I switched to Joe Workman’s Cycler stack and that seems to work the way I want it.


That’s correct - Cycler is a great go-to stack that cycles anything you put in it not just images. been using it for years.

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