Joe Workman's Cycler Stack

I need a slider stack that will do both images, and at other times text. It looks like Joe’s Cycler stack does exactly that. I want the the option to hide the pager dots and numbers completely. I’ve looked at the videos, and I don’t see that option, but on the Multithemes “Plan” demo site Cycler is used and both dots and numbers are hidden, so I assume it is possible. Also, I would like to hear your opinions of the stack.

I think Cycler is the older version of what is now Moving Box 2. With Moving Box it’s simple to remove dots and numbers. More here:

Moving Box easily handles all kinds of “stuff” such as images, videos, text, other stacks.

Joe provides a video to go with Cycler: and typically he goes over most options. What you’re looking for is not explained in the video?

Finally, there’s also Stack Slider by Stacks4Stacks. Depending on all the various details of what you need it may be a better fit:

I think Cycler is one of the better sliders around. The nav dots are off by default. You can have multiple per page and there are just a ton of options. MovingBox is very similar, but they are still both very different in their approaches. Here is a quick demo of Cycler I made yesterday

@zeebe, Can you give a brief explanation of some of the differences between MovingBox and Cycler? I see MovingBox has more variables as far as setup and navigation icons (Font Awesome), and it appears it can “slide” any content just like Cycler. Does Cycler resize the container for different height images?

Sure, here is a list just out of my head:

  1. MovingBox can adjust the height of the container, Cycler can not.
  2. Cycler scrolls through the complete set of images better than MovingBox (see the example here:
  3. MovingBox has arrows and bullets set on by default, Cycler does not.
  4. Cycler has many more options for how the content slides, MovingBox only has slide, slide vertical and fade.
  5. MovingBox has a nice collapse in edit mode, Cycler has it, but it sometimes does not work right.
  6. MovingBox has slider sync, Cycler does not
  7. MovingBox has better link to slide options for external linking. Cycler does offer external linking though, just not as sophisticated.
  8. MovingBox has infinite scroll, Cycler does not.
  9. MovingBox has a Carousel option, Cycler does not.
  10. MovingBox has variable width, Cycler does not.
  11. MovingBox has Center Mode, Cycler does not.

This is about it that I can think of, MovingBox is newer, so it has nice new stuff that Cycler does not, but Cycler is a good slider stack still, if you do not need all of the extras.

@zeebe, the link above is to a 404 page. Can you give a different URL please?

Thanks for the very detailed comparative information. That is helpful. I’m starting to think I need both stacks!

link fixed, forgot a c in the cycler