Object (not image) slider

I am looking for a way to accomplish a similar bike effect like the one on this site where an object slides in from the side of the screen.
Does anyone know of a stack I could use to accomplish this?
Thanks in advance.

You can easily do this with Joe’s Cycler Stack and either his Target stack, or DeFligra’s Layer stack.

Thanks Rob. This looks like the solution I need. AND, I already own Cycler!

Hey Rob, I am playing with the Cycler stack trying to get my bicycle to move across the screen from left to right, pause in the center, then ride off into the sunset (the right side). I only have 1 image (the bike), but I can’t seem to get the settings right to make this happen.
Any ideas?

So far, I am unable to get the Cycler solution to work.
Any other ideas using something besides Cycler?