Claims vs Truth

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How about my special offer on Sense Of Humours: Buy one, get one free?

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Having been in the digital marketing space for almost 10 years, I can say that Google results fluctuate regularly. And quite often. What is #1 today could be #2 tomorrow, etc.

I can see how there’s concern there, however.

Think of our course as being a guide to helping your SEO efforts. It’s not a guaranteed ‘get you to #1 in 30 days’ type of course. No one can guarantee that. We’re simply sharing the methods and principles we’ve used with great success. In our target keyword selection, we do have prominent placing in results.

Lastly, our guide goes over organic SEO. The screenshot you sent shows us as #3 organically - the “ad” listings are ads, and organic will never be listed ABOVE ads (sidebar: organic listings out perform ad listings, even though they’re placed lower).

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This is got to be a joke right?
I finally figured out what the heck the OP is talking about.
on the link to the new SEO course being offered by RealMac if scroll down to near the bottom of the page:

SEO Advice from #1 Ranking Developer

Every website we own displays in top spot on Google for each of our targeted keyword phrases.

I’m no Grammar wizard but @ben Shouldn’t it be “a top spot” or “the top spot”?


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Sadly, I doubt this is a joke…

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While we’re criticizing typos with a troller lol…

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Thanks guys. Sometimes we get so excited to launch “X” and share with you guys that we BLURT it out! I’m sure we’re the only ones… :wink:

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Haha this is quickly becomming a + an + the Epic thread.

I have previous SEO course, believe or not, bought even twice :joy::sunglasses: and I still think a new one will hit the spot…top spot!

(Before anyone asks, yes, bought it first as a course then on a bundle)

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I just want to jump in on this post to clarify a few points and address some concerns.

Firstly, the OP in the thread is referring to the newly released second edition of the RapidWeaver SEO Course.

Before I reply individually, I want to make it clear that in no way are we trying to deceive our customers — we never have! We wouldn’t have been able to make RapidWeaver for the past 10+ years had we done so. So I take umbrage at anyone saying we are attempting to do so.

@amb is taking up the point that a screenshot on the SEO course page displays our website in Google for the search term “Mac website builder” — this is actually an oversight. It’s an old image from the previous site which I should have replaced. In the rush to get things out on time, I missed this. I apologies for the confusion here.

However, I think the issue is being completely overblown. That one screenshot has caused such a curfuffle in this thread is perplexing.

To put everyone at ease, here are some examples of search terms where we rank #1 globally:

Meta tags 2018
adobe muse alternative Mac
RapidWeaver HTTPS

All of these rank #1 globally — as verified with a SERP rank checking tool (here’s a free one: — if you know of a better way of checking your site’s SERP ranking, please do let me know.

This is a small number of examples of keyword phrases we target, but I hope you’re getting the point.

The Bottom Line
If you want to learn about RapidWeaver SEO, this is the course for you. I go in-depth on the the techniques we use on our websites — which rank rather well :wink: — giving you concrete examples of how to apply these techniques to your own RapidWeaver website.

Nothing more, nothing less. Just straight forward, practical SEO advice for all our lovely users.

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We never make that claim, and your selective quoting is unfair. You have cut out the second half of that sentence just to make your point.

Here is the full text:

Every website we own displays in top spot on Google for each of our targeted keyword phrases.

Reads rather differently, no?

It might do if you only read half the text on the page… But in reality, no. We are not saying that.

The course is aimed at helping improve your RapidWeaver site’s overall SEO, and therefor ranking and traffic. That is the claim we are making, and I think if you read the site carefully, this message comes across loud and clear.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. I am confident that the course will deliver on its claim — I have heard from plenty of customers that the first edition did exactly that.

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