Claims vs Truth

There are claims… and then there is reality…!


Not sure what you are saying in your post. Google results are Google results. Nothing more. They are not official results as to which is the best website builder on the mac. I am not sure there is even a way to figure that out. It is all personal preference. If your reason for this is to say that Realmac is claiming they are the best and your Google results are showing who is the best, again, they are just Google results. Every company in known history is going to say their product is better than the competitors, if a company came out and said, we are third best, no one would buy them. Again, not sure why you made this post…

Edit - Ah, I see, you joined 19 minutes ago, just to make this post. Bravo.

As Professor Quirrell says in the first Harry Potter Book:
“Troll – in the dungeons – thought you ought to know.”


Actually, it is ranked 3rd, the top 4 in your search are ads, those companies pay google to put them there, so you can not count those. Sorry about misreading your post, but it did not specify what your claims were about. Also, I did not flag your post, someone else must have, wanted to be sure you knew this.

The first 4 results are paid advertisements. Its not organic.

Obviously it was a one time (screenshot on their page). I am sure that you know that Google is constantly changing. Even being #3 is very good and still considered to be on the top of the search results.

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Calm down. We get a lot of fake accounts that join and post spam or berating comments. Your original post did not have much context to it. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, it could be interpreted differently than you may have intended.

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It also changes by person. When I type your exact same search terms, Realmac is #1 beyond paid ads.

What was that about making claims?


It is hard to tell context in typing and online responses, he wasn’t the only one who was thinking you were upset by my comments.

As Joe mentioned, there has been times in the past were people have just joined only to make negative comments. I did assume that this is what you were doing, and I did apologize.

As shown by @jabostick, searches can be different for different people. On his search result, with the exact same terms you used, Realmac was first. Also, I have found different results by going to over just typing in mac website builder into the URL area. I have also seen different results based on desktop, mobile and browser type. So this can all depend on where you are, device, browser and probably many more factors.

Should have Realmac stated it that way, probably not, but to publicly criticize them for this is probably not the best way either. Maybe an email to them stating you find different results and they should possibly change their wording would have been a better use of your time. Just my thoughts on the subject. Welcome to the forums, glad you are a user of RapidWeaver, of the applications I have used, I feel it is the best one out there.

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I didn’t say you couldn’t, I just suggested you maybe try a different approach next time. You are free to do what you wish, since you are new to the forums, I was giving you ideas to not have people assume what you are saying or doing the next time a situation like this might come up. Just my two cents, but I was always raised that if you can not saying anything nice, do not say anything at all. Now, I try to follow this rule as much as I can in public, and on public forums like this one. I believe criticism like this is best done in private, but again, you may do what you like.


The world is full of companies making claims about their products and services that might not stand up to scrutiny, I find it difficult to believe that you are not aware of this. Therefore, I feel there is a hidden agenda to your posts.

If you are genuinely not aware of such practices might I suggest my services? For a one-off payment of only $199.99, I will guarantee to stop any instance of false advertising you bring to my attention, starting with Realmac if you wish.

For an additional $199.99 I will solve world hunger and for another $199.99 I will end all wars.


I’m in Mr Bond but I’ll wait till Black Friday to see if you’re going to do a discount.

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Maybe I’m missing something obvious here but where exactly does it say “Every website we own displays in top spot on google…” ?

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Not only do Google rankings change from person to person and from country to country, they can change on each reload. There really is no such thing as a definitive Google ranking.