Removing RW6 while keeping RW7 and RW8

Being a cautious soul I wanted to keep RW6 and its associated stacks and plugins until I was sure I didn’t need them any more. I’ve now moved everything over to RW7 and am about to purchase RW8 so I can then move everything - slowly - over to that.

So, is there an official ‘proper’ way to remove RW6 and all its associated bits and pieces without touching my RW7 installation?

Many thanks,


There is one for RW7:

You would have to find the proper Addon’s location for RW6, easy enough just “reveal add-ons folder” or right click and “show in Finder”.

Don’t know where the Preferences File would be in RW6. @dan @Aaron @LaPan?

Dan, Might want to update the help file for each version?

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