Removing RW6 while keeping RW7 and RW8

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Being a cautious soul I wanted to keep RW6 and its associated stacks and plugins until I was sure I didn’t need them any more. I’ve now moved everything over to RW7 and am about to purchase RW8 so I can then move everything - slowly - over to that.

So, is there an official ‘proper’ way to remove RW6 and all its associated bits and pieces without touching my RW7 installation?

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(Doug Bennett) #2

There is one for RW7:

You would have to find the proper Addon’s location for RW6, easy enough just “reveal add-ons folder” or right click and “show in Finder”.

Don’t know where the Preferences File would be in RW6. @dan @Aaron @LaPan?

Dan, Might want to update the help file for each version?

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