Proper Method For Uninstalling RapidWeaver, Themes and Stacks

Hello Community… I have been doing a considerable amount of testing with RapidWeaver, Stacks and a few Themes. Now I would like to uninstall everything and do a fresh install of only the RW Application, Themes and Stacks I have decided upon.

What is the proper method for doing a total uninstall of RapidWeaver, Themes and Stacks?

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Hello Again… Would truly value input from RapidWeaver or someone who knows how to do this. I need to do a fresh install of all newly purchased RapidWeaver, Stacks and Themes and want to be sure I am starting fresh.

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If you want to remove RapidWeaver, and all addons, you can:

  1. Move the file to the Trash.
  2. Locate the ~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6 folder and move that to the Trash.
  3. If you do #2, you must immediately restart your Mac.
  4. Seriously: you must restart your Mac - the Container folder is managed by the system and you will be unable to re-enter your serial numbers when you reinstall RapidWeaver.
  5. Have you restarted your Mac? If so, good. Now’s the time to download RapidWeaver:
  6. Assuming you’ve restarted your Mac in #3, launch RW and start afresh.

Note: I know I’ve repeated myself a few times about the restarting of your Mac when removing the RapidWeaver container folder. But you absolutely must in order for OS X to recreate that location when you relaunch a fresh download of RapidWeaver.


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Many Thanks… I will give this a go. Also thanks for emphasizing the restart step, something I usually do anyway but do appreciate you pointing that out.

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On a similar note, I have a question to @nikf.

What do I need to do and where to look, if I want to get rid of all the remnants of older versions of RW and files left behind it in the OS? By older versions I mean pre-RW6.

RapidWeaver 5 and earlier all use the same location for addons.

~/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver


@nikf – So, in other words, I can safely delete the RapidWeaver folder from that location?

Correct, if you’re planning on not ever using RapidWeaver 5 or earlier :slight_smile:

Thank you, @nikf. I will do that…