Stack4stacks Player 2 video overlapping nav bar

Hello, can someone please help me override or stop the video in the home page from overlapping the navigation bar when scrolling down the page. I’ve looked for any documentation but no luck finding what I need so far. I’m using the latest RW8 and the video is embedded in my resources.
Thank you in advance.


It sounds like a z-index issue. This won’t be something that is normally documented.

Please provide the link to the webpage in question so we can check this for you.

If you prefer to keep the page location private, you can add it as a new page hidden in your project and email or DM me the link to look at.

It should be quite an easy fix. Either adjusting the z-index of your navigation bar or of the player container.

Player is compatible with RW8 and it should make no difference whether the video is sourced from your Resources or elsewhere.


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Hi Will, thank you for your offer to help. Yesterday I got some code from Doug Benne that did the trick. I am so delighted in the responsiveness of this community. I’d be stuck otherwise. Many thank you’s.

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