Video Wall - help

Is there a plugin that will allow me to make a video wall like this on my site. I have not found one yet. Thanks.Video Wall


Not that I know of…

BUT, you could use Stacks, a Grid Layout and a HTML5 Video stack to recreate this with a blank Theme fairly easily or Foundations, or FreeStack Responsive or Pure or or or… Lots of options for you to do it yourself using Stacks.

The next questions are…

  1. what version of RW?

  2. What version of Stacks?

  3. Is there a preferred Theme you are contemplating using for this project?

  4. Where are your video’s hosted (vimeo, youtube, self)?


Thanks I am version 6 RW and I do have Stacks & Html5 plugin. Right now I am currently using the Split theme. My videos are hosted on both Vimeo and Youtube.

The only I hate about using the HTML5 plugin is having to create a MP4, WEBM, OGG, FLV & WMV file for the video. I just want to link to my hosting and be done with it.

If all you care about are current browsers, then all you need is MP4, but if you want people using older browsers to view your videos, you will need the other versions.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I guess I will stop being lazy.


JW’s got this:

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RE: Split Theme, on the page you will do this you will need to turn off Use Master Style and change Header to No Header but you will still get the navbar at the top of the page and the footer content .

You’re going to need to install some sort of stack that reflows a grid system with no padding or margin (Reflow stack perhaps) so that when the page is viewed on other than desktop the video’s will break on the page properly. If you wanted search capability, you could use Filter stack…

RE: HTML5 video… NAH!!! Not if you don’t give a hoot about older browsers, almost all browsers see .mp4 files now-a-days by default. The other fields can be left blank/empty.

Obviously, for load times, you don’t want anything to start playing automatically, and you may not even want the page to appear in small devices like smartphones…

Give her a whirl and show us what you come up with.

Can’t wait to see it


I did see this one but it isn’t what I am looking for. Thanks for sharing.

I will explore this a little more. I did see plugins that allow you to navigate within the same media viewer to different content. I am going to look into that. Thanks again.

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