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Are there any solutions to integrate a client login system in a RapidWeaver website that can be managed outside of RapidWeaver?


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I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for but it sounds like Sitelok is likely the perfect solution for you. Many rapid weavers use Sitelok to handle logins for special websites.

More here:

The developer of Sitelok uses RW himself, so he can really help people as needed. First class product and support.

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Many thanks Mathew. This looks ideal!


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Might want to check out
On this page, you’ll fin a link to a manual on how to integrate with RW7.
There’s also a set of stacks available, to help with the setup (at additional cost).
@vibralogix Adrian is very helpful and experienced with RW.

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

Cost is based on domain. First domain is $40, but additional domains are $20. I’ve been using the product for about 7+ years and have been happy with it the whole time. They also offer some additional plugins (some paid, some free) that might be useful given your specific needs.

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Hey @Garymac - just stopped in to reiterate what @Mathew said about Sitelok. It’s a fantastic product, integrates very easily with RapidWeaver, and Adrian’s support is 1st class. I know first hand, but have also heard from many others, that his support goes well past the purchase phase. Rest assured that if you have any issues getting it to work, that he’ll be right there with you. I recommend Sitelok without any hesitation whatsoever. In fact, I like it so much, and admire him so much, that for the third year running, I’ve purchased add-on licenses for a specific client who, each year, needs new instances installed (normally this would not be the case, but due to their specific requirements, three new databases need to be recreated each spring). I could just reuse the previous license since it’s for the same domain, but as a show of support, I spend the money for new licenses instead.

Adrian also monitors this forum, and can be found at @vibralogix

All the best,


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Hi Gary. Hopefully Sitelok can do what you need. The admin is web based so users can be managed outside of Rapidweaver. Please contact me via if you have any questions.

Thanks for everyones kind words and support.


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Thanks Adrian. This is for a competitive tender I am preparing. I just wanted to know there is a solution out there that will dovetail well with RapidWeaver, Total CMS and Foundation Theme. If we get the go-ahead I’ll be in touch. If not then its been useful research.
Kind regards,

(Gary McAlpine) #9

Hi Adrian,
Is it a fairly easy task to migrate existing membership databases over to Sitelok? I’m not sure what current system is used on this particular website, but I guess it will be some sort of PHP / MySQL based system.

(Adrian Jones) #10

Hi Gary. If the other system has a way to export the users (at least email and name) then we should be able to import them into Sitelok. If the passwords are in plain text in the old system they could be imported too otherwise the users would need to have new passwords.

(William VILLERS) #11

Hi @vibralogix, I’d like to see if you can provide a solution for us, I think you can: basically, we have a page on our website with a lot of our publications for download… We’d like to somewhat secure the downloads, i.e. ask people to register to receive a download link… We’re using stacks & RW7.5, what would you recommend?

(Adrian Jones) #12

You can secure the page with the downloads using Sitelok so that users need to login to access it and also have a registration form so that users can signup. I think that is basically what you need isn’t it?

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