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Hi, all!! I just upgraded to RapidWeaver 8 this week. I’m having an issue with people sending me messages via my Contact Page…they complete the form and Send, but no emails appear in my email account. I’ve done a “test” email myself and get the same result. How can I get this corrected? Thanks!


Have you checked in your spam/junk mail folder?

I have checked Spam/Junk folder…nothing there.

Just to be sure I’m doing things correctly…the only place I needed to enter my email address was in the General tab under Settings, correct?

If indeed you are trying to make the RapidWeaver Contact Form send to a Gmail address, I don’t think that is going to work anymore.

By now, all the problems with spam and DDoS attacks means that a lot of hosting companies have changed their policies. Most now only allow contact forms to send messages to email addresses they themselves are hosting. That way if something goes wrong, the problem is contained.

Because all the contact form processing happens server-side, it might be better to open the server error logs and see if anything noteworthy is being logged there. The hosting company can help you with this, if you speak to them.

There are alternative RapidWeaver addons around which can handle form correspondence differently, if you absolutely do need a system that can send messages to a Gmail address. TouchBase and Formulate stacks, to name a few.

I changed from using my Gmail address to my Mac address and it worked. So, it’s definitely an issue with Gmail addresses. Thanks for you help!

When I changed the email address to my Mac email address it worked. Must be an issue with Gmail email addresses. Thanks for your help with the screen capture! I had to type my email address in the Send To: field. The address that was populated in that field was I have no idea what that was.

just a default fill
you are welcome
Joe Martin


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