Contact page won't send emails

Downloaded the RapidWeaver 8 demo and created a web page, including a contact page. Uploaded it to my web host using the ftp and all went fine apart from the contact page fails to send the email. Is this disabled in the demo mode ? Thinking of buying a licience but with out this function working the software is no good for me. Any help would be much appreciated and bear in mine I’m a bit of a novice at this.

Hi Simon,

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The contact page will also work in the demo.

This isn’t a RapidWeaver issue, it is most probably something on your server and difficult to check.

Have a look here in some older threads:

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Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software


Cheers for the reply Jannis had a read up and put a tick in the “Define email address in PHP mail script” and all working now. Thanks again I shall now buy a licience.


HI Simon. I am having the same problem. Where is the 'define email address in PHP mail script"? Cant find it on RW8.
Thank you!

Just put a tick in the box below where you type the mail address. It’s at the bottom of the options box. Hope this helps not at the Mac at the moment Christmas is just evening’s of jollies.

Thanks Simon. Strangely enough I don’t have that option in page inspector. Are you using RW8?

Click on contacts page first. Then inspector.

Thank you so much! I got it! now I can’t publish changes for some reason so it will have to wait. Enjoy the party!

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