Climate Master Style Issue

This could be an issue with all new themes, did not test it, but I know it is an issue with the Climate theme. I am making a page with 30 pages in navigation, this is to test something. I wanted the video I am including on each page to be full width with no sidebar. Of course I made the pages first and then decided what I wanted. Here is a screenshot of the master settings.


As you can see I have Main Counter Columns set to 12, Sidebar Columns set to 0 and I have checked Hide Sidebar. Yet this is what the preview of the Master Style looks like:

There is still a sidebar.

I then decided to preview the actual pages. The first page worked.

But then I checked the 2nd page.

And all of the rest of the pages are the same, even though the master is set the way it is, the settings for pages 2-30 are not set the same as the master:

They do have the hide sidebar checked (even thought it is not hidden) but the columns are not set the way the master is set.


Anyone else see this??


I am seeing this even in Foundation…some kind of right margin issue.

Not sure why you are using Master Styles with Foundation, there are no settings to choose from, so not sure how this is happening for you. Here is a test page with Foundation with text and shows no right margin issue to me…

Here is a screenshot of Foundation in the Master Settings for me, no right margin, so I think this is not the same thing as you have happening…

You are right…just page setup…but I am getting some kind of right margin.

Send in a ticket and I can look at it there or post your project file here.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll take a look and hopefully have it fixed for the next release.

I’ll update this post when we know more.


I agree. I bought RW8 on Thursday with great hopes having experimented with the restricted demo version. I have managed to put a website together but it’s not much better than iWeb which became obsolete 10 years ago. It does not match the claims of versatility made in the promo. If the issue of being able to modify master style to suit individual pages was sorted, the software would almost be capable of the same tasks as iWeb. At the moment it’s certainly not a step forward. At least with iWeb you could control photo size. It’s not possible in Climate as far as I can see. A small tweak here and there could radically change the utility of this theme for the better. Otherwise it looks like I’ll have to get stacks. Not impressed. Shame.

Not sure where got my posting of a bug means this software is WORSE than iWeb. I love and use RapidWeaver every day, it is an AWESOME piece of software and mistakes in new versions do happen. The release of this version was 100 times better than the release of version 6. This is the only issue I have found it to have. RW is a solid piece of software that should be in all web developer’s application folder.


Hi Robert, What I’m saying is that Climate does not allow the full override of master style on every page which was possible in iWeb. The promo video suggests that this is possible. You have given one example correctly, another is that the contact page only works with a black background. If you try it with a white background, the text does not appear on the page. The promo video states that Climate works as well with a white background which it does not because in my limited experience the contact page won’t work on a white background. I could have created much the same website in iWeb in 2008 but I would have had control over photo sizes and positions which I don’t with Climate. The other things that bug me are whatever happened to justified text? This was possible in iWeb. It looks so much better if you control character spacing within columns. Another irritation is that if you use a black and white photo as the primary banner photo all the banner photos will be formatted as black and white even if you override the primary banner photo on an individual page with a colour photo.

This is one theme in RapidWeaver, you have so many to choose from. Because of some issues with one theme to start comparing RapidWeaver to iWeb just does not make sense to me. You can do so much more with RapidWeaver, the big one, making a responsive website, than you could EVER do in iWeb.

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Okay. So I got the website up and running this afternoon after some trouble with the publishing. It looks great and works well but it is a very simple website design. I had to work around the software to get a result but that’s okay. I’m cool with that. It’s just a great shame it didn’t work well straight out of the box. Publishing on GoDaddy was slow but went okay when I reduced the connection speed to 1 - Slowest. The hassle’s over. I got my website in the end. Phew.

If you don’t see the letters on a white background, i is maybe because of the colour of letters. Change them to black.

Good thinking. I tried that and it didn’t work unfortunately. The contact form only works with a dark/black background with text in a light colour and I don’t think you can’t change that in Climate.

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