Climate navigation tweaks

Hello all~ I am using the Climate theme and need some tweaks on the drop down menus.

1-Add spacing on the drop down (currently each sub-page is clustered together)
2-Decrease font size
3-Allow hovering with mouse over

Any add-ons out there that would allow some more control.

Thanks for your input.

There’s probably no “addons” that are going to go into a theme and make layout (styling) changes.

Most of what you’re asking about probably could be done with some custom CSS.

When asking for help with styling changes it’s always easier for folks to help you out if you provide a URL to at least a test page.

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Thaks Doug~ I am new to this forum and have gleaned some good tips. Appereciate all those who contribute.

The current version I am working on is offline at this point. I am getting ready to switch providers (Network Solutions to A2) and was planning to load the Climate version as a clean break. The issues I have are not showstoppers, so I guess I will load the new site and then come back to the forum for some advise.

As background, I am primarily a photographer with a web site. So I am not versed in CSS and HTML, but can follow instructions and find tidbits on the net and make it work.


BTW if you are curious

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