Template for Nuance Theme - CSS?

I’ve just downloaded the Nuance theme from weaver themes. I am struggling to work with the theme (I am by no means an expert at this) and I was wondering if there are any templates out there that I could work off of. The company is out on vacation for a another week or so so I thought Id check in here.

Check inside the Resources folder that came with your download. There’s a sample project in there that might help. There’ll also be plenty of help on Weaverthemes site - though from memory, it’s not always immediately obvious where to find it.

Thanks for the response. There does appear to be something in the resort es folder but it appears to only be for RW6. I am on 5 :frowning:

It is for RW6 only. FWIW I hummed and hahed over the upgrade because of all the wailing and gnashing of teeth on the old forum but I’ve nearly completed the move now and it’s a much nicer environment than 5. I’d recommend it.

I’ve got Nuance here. If there are specific things that don’t make sense, I’ll help if I can. That said, the Weaverthemes people are very helpful.

I did not know it was for RW6 so I just upgraded. There are two things they do on the demo page that I cannot figure out how to do.

  1. The banner image is so large. i like that but I cannot get it to get that big.

  2. They have a text and button overlay on the banner image. I’d like to do that too.


  1. When I stretch my page out in preview mode the body/content portion actually shrinks rather than expand to the full size. It will stretch out some but when I reach a certain point it just snaps back to a smaller size.

Also, would it be feasible to remove the drop down menu on the top right? I am using this to create a landing page and really don’t need the menu there.

I’ve found the tutorial on adjusting the banner like they have here on the preview page. What I’d like to do though is overlay the text and image as they have at the top of the page. I am sure this is a CSS thing but I have no idea how to implement it. If anyone has some CSS skills that could help me out that would be great. Here is the link to the Nuance Preview page.