Climate theme issues

Hi Everyone,

Loving the new RW8 (just updated a few weeks ago) and I decided to use the Climate default theme for a new podcast I am launching soon.

However, I have a couple of issues:
The default image doesn’t show. I have tried to overwrite it, took out any background effects or overlays, but nothing.
Also, the menu on mobile does not work (no dropdown when tapped).

Has anyone had issues with this?
I should say that when I do RW simulations, the theme works as it should…

Thank you to anyone who can help :slight_smile:


Looks like you have 404 (not found) errors on the main.js and default.jpg.

I would try to Re-publish All Files.

Not having the main.js probably break the drop-down.

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Thank you so much Doug, that did it. Quite embarrassed to say I didn’t check on that first… :man_facepalming:t2:

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