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I am wondering if you can advise me of an issue that I am having following the creation of a new blog:, which I created with Rapidweaver,using the Blog plugin. I clip articles from a number of websites, including this one for use with, - which produces a local newspaper -

Usually it is trouble free, but I am finding that I cannot clip articles from this new website in the usual way. I assumed it was a problem with, and asked for their advice. They were helpful and give me the following information, which I have posted to the bottom of this message. However, I really do not understand what I have to do to correct the Rapidweaver blog site as they suggest that the issue is related to script. I should add that I have created other blog sites with Rapidweaver before (on earlier versions) and have never had this issue before.

The response indicate a problem with “layers of DIV tags”, but I really do not have a clue what this is about. Can anyone give me ideas as to how to overcome this problem? I have been in contact with Rapidweaver Support, but the problem is not yet resolved.

Thank you

REPLY from

"What is going on here is that the bookmarklet is able to pick up an RSS feed source from that URL, but is unable to detect the article content itself. So when you click “add to paper,” and it gives you the successfully added message, this means it has added the RSS feed to your paper’s content sources. It has not found, nor added the actual article content to your paper.

Something in that site’s code is keeping the bookmarklet from functioning properly. This is usually caused by a script or sometimes layers of DIV tags, interacting with scripts, that causes the bookmarklet to not find the page’s content.

I took a look at that site’s source code, and I am not able to tell just what is causing the conflict.

I apologize that I don’t have more specific information for you, but if this article content can be displayed on a page with limited scripting and limited DIV layers, then you should have better results with the bookmarklet."