Close up space between paragraphs

Please can you help me with the custom css needed to close up the space between paragraphs on this website: Many thanks!

Not really possible to change in your setup, because you are using typed or pasted content that contains lots of multiple <br> tags, instead of paragraphs.

The only place it looks like you are using a paragraph tag is for the page sub-heading below the banner image.

All the content talking about the campsite appears to be typed or pasted from another source and contains a lot of inline styling and line break tags. It would be really difficult to overwrite all this styling with custom CSS.

So before anyone can help you, I think you’ll need to clean-up a lot of this content first. Perhaps consider using Markdown so everything gets styled consistently and uses the correct syntax.

Ideally you want to be using the style and colour settings provided in your theme, instead of highlighting each sentence and applying your own fonts and colours to it.


Hi Will, thanks for your reply. I was asking on behalf of a friend and I hadn’t spotted this when I tried to figure out how to help. I’ll have a word…

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