Cloudflare and FTP

(Philip Lock) #1

Cloudflare works well in that it was easy to set up for SSL and my sites are now secure.
But Cloudflare doesn’t operate through FTP so I followed their instructions and greyed out the ftp button to access my site via Cyberduck.
Now I am having trouble with getting new warehoused images to appear in my project (other images on the project are all drag and drop.)
I have tried all sorts of combinations of ftp and http url path names but nothing works.
Is any other Cloudflare user having trouble with warehoused images in this way?

(Paul Rowe) #2


Should you not be referencing an https url for your images ??

(Philip Lock) #3

Yes Paul
The trouble was that I took Cyberduck’s “Copy HTTP URL” at face value -
Changed http to to https and ftp to www and all works fine

(Stuart Marshall) #4

You should be able to set a base/web url in the ftp settings and then the copy function should give you the correct url.

(Philip Lock) #5

Thanks Stuart I’ll check that out

(system) #6

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