Cloudflare and video playback

(Phil) #1

Just moved a GoDaddy site to Cloudflare (free), Caching Level Standard, Auto Minify, Rocket Loader Automatic, IPv6 Compatibility On.

Images are stored in a relative directory (/warehouse)
video in a relative directory (/video)

Images and video (in Joe Workman’s HTML5 Video Stack) displayed fine before the move to Cloudflare

After the move to Cloudflare images are still displayed correctly but videos have a problem:
Videos play in Chrome on a MacBook and Chrome on a Samsung tablet.

But, videos do not play in Safari on a MacBook or in Safari (“Error loading this resource”), Chrome, Opera and Firefox on an iPhone 7.

Using a direct browser link to the video file:
Videos play in Chrome on a MacBook but not in Safari on a MacBook.

Weavers, please help!

(Doug Bennett) #2

Try turning off rocket first.

Also make sure your not using auto minify on both cloudFlare and RW.

(Phil) #3

Thank you for the suggestions which I followed - even tried without auto minify on both

Cleared the Cloudflare cache and found that the video play problem persists.

(Nathan) #4

I’m having the same exact issues. Just switched dns to cloudflare and setup caching everything.

Mp4s are not loading in Safari or on iPhone for all browsers. I changed the caching Page Rule to this.