Cloudflare and video playback

Just moved a GoDaddy site to Cloudflare (free), Caching Level Standard, Auto Minify, Rocket Loader Automatic, IPv6 Compatibility On.

Images are stored in a relative directory (/warehouse)
video in a relative directory (/video)

Images and video (in Joe Workman’s HTML5 Video Stack) displayed fine before the move to Cloudflare

After the move to Cloudflare images are still displayed correctly but videos have a problem:
Videos play in Chrome on a MacBook and Chrome on a Samsung tablet.

But, videos do not play in Safari on a MacBook or in Safari (“Error loading this resource”), Chrome, Opera and Firefox on an iPhone 7.

Using a direct browser link to the video file:
Videos play in Chrome on a MacBook but not in Safari on a MacBook.

Weavers, please help!

Try turning off rocket first.

Also make sure your not using auto minify on both cloudFlare and RW.

Thank you for the suggestions which I followed - even tried without auto minify on both

Cleared the Cloudflare cache and found that the video play problem persists.

I’m having the same exact issues. Just switched dns to cloudflare and setup caching everything.

Mp4s are not loading in Safari or on iPhone for all browsers. I changed the caching Page Rule to this.