Html 5 video stack not playing properly?

(tomas nittner) #1

hi friends of rw web design,
a curious thing is happening to me. i just bought the “html 5” stack from @joeworkman and installed on the site of my client. it works great in preview, it works great in safari (my default browser when exporting the works to my upload folder <i never use pw built-in ftp thingy!>) but once the site is exported it says “error loading resource”. here’s the adress:

thanks much for any help i can get, tomas

(Brad Halstead) #2

Hi Tomas @tnittner

Works for me in Safari, Chrome and Opera, not so much in latest version of Firefox though

Resource link is good, video is in the proper location… not sure what the issue is with Firefox…

Maybe report to Joe?


(Stuart) #3


Please see my PM about the wisdom of posting links to entire RW sandwiches publicly.

(tomas nittner) #4

done! sorry about that, didn’t intent to cause any harm!
greetings, tomas

(Stuart) #5

Thanks. I know :grinning:

(tomas nittner) #6

hi @joeworkman, @Turtle suggested i contact you with my problems with the “html 5” stack in firefox. mind to have look? the url is:
the video plays fine in safari, chrome and opera, refuses to load in firefox.
thanx much, tomas

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

Hi Tomas,
Looks like your video file is corrupted, according to Firefox. When in doubt, always check your video URL in the browser it does not work in. As you can see on my screenshot, Firefox says it is corrupt.

How did you make the MP4? We always suggest you run it through MiroVideo Converter. It is free and has always worked for us.

(tomas nittner) #8

hi @zeebe, aka rob, thanks much for the speedy reply. i do have the miro converter and i’ll run my video through. i’ll let you know wether it worked!
greetings, tomas

(tomas nittner) #9

hi rob, work like a charm, thanks much, tomas

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #10

Good to know! Have a great day!