CMS for RapidWeaver by Joe Workman

I am so happy to announce the next big thing in building websites with RapidWeaver. I present you with my CMS for RapidWeaver…

Its pretty crazy how this all started on a Hangout that I was doing with users about a year ago. I did a proof of concept on the fly using Foundation forms and some custom php… obviously what it is now, does even come close to resembling what that was. But I am very happy with how its all turned out.

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Perfect timing. I just had a client bug me again for this. Thanks for providing a 30 day trial too…


awesome work. can’t wait to see what people build with this.


Bravo Joe, I really like the «concept», instant buy again!


So powerful but easy to use … the options seem limitless using macros … not much you cannot do … great work Joe.


Congratulations! Looks like quite a project.

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All I can say is - AWESOME!!!

Perfect stack, perfect timing… keep up the good work.


CMS looks very good, personally I find it a pity that the license for total cms is for one domain. There’s probably a good reason for this. Why not a base of € 100,- and a increment of € 20,- per domain?

On the other hand. If the CMS is used for web pages where a customer paid a lot of money for. It is fully justified that the designer of the CMS shares a bit in it here. Perhaps the CMS is designed just for this group of customers?

I like to here :wink:

OK, sorry, the way you phrased this:

It looks promising but the $100 price tag for a full-featured ‘Total CMS’ system plus the tired pricing for domains can be a show stopper

Makes it sound like you have to pay $100 and then pay per domain. My mistake, sorry.

(I edited the quote to bold the word plus as that was confusing to me)

Is part of the product run through an external source? That would make some sense for the per domain pricing as it would create some running overhead for each “license” sold. Beyond that the restriction does seem odd.

I’m staying with Armadillo, thanks.


Armadillo is an amazing product. My CMS takes a very different stance. Its awesome to have both as options.

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This is ultimately why I have 2 offerings: Easy CMS and Total CMS. Easy CMS is priced how you would like! :smile:

Easy CMS:
Total CMS:

(I have no clue how your post got edited. I don’t have any access to do anything like that)

No matter if you like the product or not, or if you think the price is too high or appropriate: Every developer is able to decide freely for himself which licensing options he chooses.
Outside of the RW community it is more common to charge a different price for multiple domains / websites in regards to a single domain / website. Take some of the WP themes as example, or JavaScript plugins.

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I’ve just spent a few hours applying it to an existing site, this one: where its supposed to handle the choice of images for the landing page, the choice of images for the 3 Superflex stack(s) on the home page and manage aspects of the individual architectural projects on the Portfolio page and…

IT’S (expletive!!) BRILLIANT

Here’s 3 screen shots of my edit page, I’m using Joe’s Tabulous to seperate the various pages for clarity.
Welcome Tab - For the Landing/Welcome page:
Home Tab - For the Home Page:
Projects Tab - For the projects (durrr):

I’m especially pleased with the Project eCMS stuff as it not only affects the contenr of the individual Project Pages but it also changes the filter/sort settings in the Barz filter stack used on the Portfolio Page.

I could have done more with TotalCMS but I’ve deliberately limited myself to EasyCMS so that I can find the point at which I’d need Total…I haven’t quite found it yet :grinning:

@joeworkman eCMS (and by extension) tCMS are AMAZEBALLS…well done