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are we talking weeks or months??
Weeks would be awesome (as long as not too many!!):grin::grin::grin:

This is a recurrent problem with Rapidweaver/Stacks. Unless you have Foundry and can use Alloy, there is no reasonable solution.

This is not true. Total CMS works with any theme.

Editing is not the same as adding content, which is what creators do while blogging. You’re saying you can:

Add articles

Add images

Add pages?

You may want to look at Total CMS again… It’s extremely powerful and can do all of the above (and then some). :slight_smile:

There are many ways to add articles and images to a RW site outside of Rapidweaver.

For example,

  1. Total CMS
  2. Alloy - with Foundry
  3. Armadillo
  4. MicroBlog - uses Tumblr
  5. Blogger stacks - uses Google’s Blogspot service
  6. Poster stack

But none of them allow you to create new PAGES. Armadillo used to have a clunky way of doing that but I think it’s been deprecated. Themeflood has a suite of stacks that integrate the Webyep CMS into RW and I think there’s a component there that lets you add pages, but I’ve never used it.




There have been many inquiries concerning a simple stack for blog post creation which would let creators add content from outside of Rapidweaver.

Also Pulse CMS is able to create pages, but my guess is that the setup would be too complicated for the one questioning.

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“I want to be able to add content and create pages, but I need it to be simple”.

Not saying anyone has said that, but I hear it a lot. I reply… Can’t be done.

Most cms systems allow you to edit content, some allow adding too, but once you get to page level, you can’t add content easily. We’ll, OK, with some you can, but putting the ease of page creation to one side for a moment, designing and building out a page that will work across all devices, look nice and not kill your seo is far from easy. And this is the bit most making these requests don’t understand.

I always liken websites to cars, and CMS websites to repaying a car.

Getting a website is easy, like getting a car. To manage a website, like driving a car, requires you to learn how to do it. To add content to a website is like repaying a car, unless you know what you are doing its really to break the whole the whole thing.

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Many people have used Total CMS blog to add pages to their sites. I admit adding them to a menu is a tad trickier. It is possible though. I have a few PHP snippets that users have used to add CMS pages into the menus dynamically. I will have native support for it in Total CMS 2.


Interesting that no one has done any sort of tutorial on how to do this (manage the website without breaking it, really looking at the business sid of it - landing pages etc). Or did they do this and I missed it?

If anyone wants to design a webpage and give me the CMS requirements, I’d be happy to CMSify it on a live stream.

Give me the project file and requirements :slight_smile:

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