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Hello, two years ago I purchased Joe Workman’s Easy CMS but I never used it, because I realized no web sites for others. The only one (web commerce of furniture) became too difficult for me and I preferred to suggest the client to find a professional studio to realize a new site with the necessary database, item catalog, prices and so on.
But now a friend asked me to restyle her old, fixed size, simple personal site. And I’m thinking of presenting her a site where she can make some changes personally, with Easy CMS.
I’ve read the features, and it seems to me that it is possible only to edit photos and text, not insert new photos and new text in a page. Is that so?
Is there another CMS (not expensive and limited to a single site ad Total CMS) that permits to add new pictures and text to a page?

Hi Diego,
Take a look to Armadillo https://www.nimblehost.com/store/armadillo/


Hello @Trystero,
Easy CMS is much more than just text and images. It now has video too. Plus with the Macros Joe provides, you can incorporate text, images and video into other stacks as well (including galleries).

Now if you are asking if Easy CMS allows you to add new image to change the format of the page, for example, you have a page with a header, text image and more text and you want to add an image after the header to make it a header, image, text, image and more text. Not sure that is possible with any CMS out there (I have not used them all though). I believe the stack elements have to be there. Now, if you want to add an image inside a block of text, that is possible with Easy CMS as well as others I would assume.

Let me know if you have any questions about Easy CMS.

Kuler solutions also makes a very simple to use stack with CMS capabilities. Kuler Edits.
He has demo sites set up to test it out.

https://www.pulsecms.com/index.html#pulse5 by @yuzool

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Hello Zeebe,
I did not try EasyCMS with a real site ( I purchased it in a discount offer, maybe Black Friday, together with other addons), I only read the info page at Easy CMS for RapidWeaver and the demo at Cafe Admin | CMS for RapidWeaver
Surely I have to learn it better Easy CMS to discover all the possibilities.
Is there a detailed manual?

Thank you, I did not know this stack. Now I am trying the demo page…

In my, admittedly limited, knowledge of ECMS I would say that it should be possible to create a fairly flexible editing setup for your friend. The only limit would be that you would have to pre-determine the likely layouts and changes that she might want to make so that you can build the page/s with the right structure. I would think that you could probably anticipate most future changes /additions she might want to make. Because ECMS allows you to toggle panels of text and images on and off it is quite possible to configure things so that a page’s look can be radically altered by ‘flicking a few switches’ on the admin page.

I am not certain if it is possible to use ECMS to add and remove pages and have it update navigation on a site and so on - so I’d be interested to see if that can be done too.

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If you already own Easy CMS, why not use it? Its a very flexible and powerful solution for editing your site contents. As David pointed out, the Toggle stack even allows you to turn on/off entire content areas. As for adding/removing pages… this is not something that Easy CMS can do.

She is not expert and I am thinking to a kind of grid with some picture and text plus some empty spaces to fill with new pictures and text, like a “News Gallery”.

Until now I haven’t need it. I purchased also the PageSafe stack to have a password access.
Now I am reading the Guide at Home - Weaver's Space Community but I found only the “Text” and “Image” stacks, not a “Gallery” as Zeebee said.

If you have Gallery Stack, you get a Easy CMS Gallery integration:

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Yes! version 3 purchased June 2016.
I will follow the instructions in the tutorial.

Good! The test project will give you a just start.


Send me an email in case of further questions.

Have a look at the integrations page… https://total-cms.com/integrations/

Gallery 3 and Nick’s Photos gallery stacks allow you to add individual images managed by Easy CMS into the galleries. Think of these as preset galleries with a predefined number of images. You can replace images but not increase the number of images in the gallery. This requires that full gallery feature in Total CMS.

Yep. A text and images grid with ‘tiles’ that can be edited sounds eminently doable with ECMS.
In my experience it pays to build a prototype by adding one feature at a time, making sure that it works from the admin side before adding in the next feature. Good luck!