Codex Horizontal Navigation Menu

Hi again.

Here I am. I tried all day long, but failed.
I am having a problem with the theme Codex. I would simply need to show the navigation bar of my site horizontal, like in:

Instead, what I get by default is this: (before I click on “Menu”) (after I click on “Menu”)

I tried to change the CSS in many different ways, but the navigation bar is always vertical.

Thanks for your attention,

Have you used the code as described here: (and be sure to clear formatting)?

Yes (I think):

I wonder if your menu is too wide for your screen maybe? The codex demo site has that same behaviour of a vertical menu if the browser window is too narrow to fit all the menu items.

I didn’t think of that. I removed all the pages, left only two of them, but the “problem” persists.

Ok, problem fixed.
I copy pasted the HTML in “one”, the draft provided by the developer, and now it’s working properly.
Apparently I messed with the formatting. I still don’t understand what I’ve done wrong, but I go ahead.

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