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Hope everyone is keeping well and being able to enjoy Christmas & New Year as best they can.

I’m using RW8, Stacks 4 and the, quite old now, MichealDavid Design theme Codex on a site and I noticed recently that the navigation menu isn’t working.

I’ve set up a test site here and striped things back as much as possible, the menu links in the nav should scroll you down to the corresponding content area in the body of the single page site.

This does work in preview within Rapidweaver, but not when I “Preview in Safari” or when published. It is also still working in the MDD Codex theme page

I have ‘consolidate css’ off, and I’ve tried viewing the site in Safari and Chrome when published and it’s the same in both browsers.

Appreciate and thoughts, help or pointers.

Many thanks



When I had a problem earlier this year with the Paramount theme I asked MDD direct and they issued a fix within a couple of days. I assume you’ve approached them?


TBF Rob I haven’t contacted MDD yet, I was thinking I’d just missed something obvious and not having heard from MDD for a long time I wasn’t sure if they were still actively providing support.

I’ll give them a shout.



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