RW8 Side to Side text and parallax (Royale Theme)

Have a RW site with almost 20 pages and as many sub pages per page. Currently using Blueball Design Colors 4 Theme which has a vertical navigation menu allowing for this but is somewhat dated.

Would like to upgrade to RW8 Mountains or Future but it appears most if not all newer themes use horizontal menu navigation allowing for only a dozen or so menus visible from top of page.

  1. Any updated themes offering vertical navigation menu?

  2. Any way to change menu settings from horizontal to vertical and place in sidebar area (as in Blueball theme?)

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You can do this with Foundation -
Nick Cates also seems to have a few themes with that option:

I’m not familiar with the Blueball Design Colors 4 theme (I tried but failed to find some information about it).

A couple of my theme designs have the option of a block navigation layout, whereby all links are placed in the sidebar as a vertical list. Some themes have a ‘split navigation’ layout, whereby parent page links go in a horizontal bar a the top, and sub pages go in a vertical block within the sidebar. And a few themes like Storm and Tornado have a vertical menu with sub pages that fly-out from the left.

Additionally the new Gator stack I am in the process of launching has a checkbox option to convert a horizontal menu bar into a vertical one; again with fly-out sub pages that appear as drop-downs from the left. Gator is compatible with Future, Mountains, Foundation and various other themes. Here is a screenshot of it in Future, with the vertical menu option enabled in the stack settings:

This custom CSS code will hide the normal downward Future theme caret icons in the menu items (you can still use your own against the page names) and hide the existing them navigation menu at the top of the page, so only the Gator stack shows the navigation links:

.dropdown-toggle:after {
    display: none;	

.navbar-nav {
    display: none;	

.gator .navbar-nav {
    display: block;	
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I use the AFFERO theme. It has a vertical navigation that allows for many sub-pages. It also has a simple design that you can customize.

Thank. Theme is still a little dated for my needs. Looking for something more along the lines of Mountains or Future that still allows for a contemporary vertical navigation menu in sidebar. Would be happy to add navigation or pay for customization.

Thanks for the suggestions. Chose Royale Theme and nav icon menu working great. In the Royal Theme demo it shows side to side text boxes and rollover parallax effects. Any ideas on how to create this look (suggestions, tutorial and/or video)?

See example(s)

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