Collage 2 Stack Conversion?

I thought yourhead’s Collage 2 was a Stack. It’s not; it’s a theme.
Nothing wrong with it, but I’d like to use Stacks with it.
The site banner appears as a background in RW 8, I’d like a real banner.
I’d like to use the Cartloom Stack with it as well.
Is there a Stack that has Collage 2’s functionality? That is, automatic re-sizing of images, tagline for images, linking to product pages, etc.?

Hi, Collage 2 is a plugin as far as I know? You may want to have a look at Montage 2 from doobox:

Hi Michael,
you could use Gallery Stack 3 with Masonry (Grid-A-Licious) or Justified Grid.
Best regards, Jannis

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Is Masonry (Grid-A-Licious) an add-on? Or a separate stack? There are references to it on the Gallery Stack 3 page, but I cannot find the product for sale.

It’s all inside Gallery Stack 3. It’s a bunch of lightboxes and grids you are able to use all-in-one product (stack) :+1:

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