Volcano and Stacks Beginner

Here I go - I’m designing my first RW site using the theme Volcano

I"m thinking that I need to purchase the Stacks plug in to have the most control in my design (short of foundations / foundary)?

Is it possible to use stacks to add an image onto a solid colored banner like I have done on my softpress site: www.yosemitecollection ?

would I be able to use stacks to create a gallery page that looks similar to this:
http://www.yosemitecollection.com/galleries.html ? Or maybe I don’t need to bother if I use Gallery Stack 3 ?

I guess I’m not sure how I’m going to use Stacks, but I’m just starting.


To use any specific stacks (e.g. Gallery 3) you need to have the “master”: Stacks 3.0.

You can do a lot with Stacks. But for all the various cool stack-lets that have been built, they only work when you have Stacks installed.

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Hi Hugh,

I am a novice user with very limited tech skills and I have found that you really need to have stacks to be able to do what I need with rapidweaver as there are so many great stacks out there to help.

For your specific question, you should be able to create a solid coloured banner using your Volcano theme and then here are a multitude of gallery stacks that you can choose from to display your photos.

Hi Hugh, the others are correct that Stacks 3 would be a good investment. To give you an option for your questions specifically (I say ‘option’ because there’s often multiple ways to do things):

You could use a 2-column stack, give it a red background, and then in the left column, use a header stack (or an image stack if your title is an image) and in the right column, use an image stack

For this you would create a Stacks page and then I think what you would want is a set of galleries that launch from a single image. I know the Photo stack by Nick Cates does this - @instacks can say if this is possible with his Gallery 3 stack (I’d imagine it is possible).

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A “gallery of galleries” can easily be done with a

Cheers :beers:

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Thanks for all the help. Yes, I just downloaded Stacks 3 and things now make much more sense. Pretty slick!

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